A downloadable game for Windows

A remake of the classic arcade game. This is not a rom hack. It's meant to be more difficult than the original giving players new levels and new challenges. I've tried to study the original as close as I can to maintain the same feel, but added new elements and challenges. Even though it can be played on your PC, it's meant to be played in people's mame arcade cabinets.

If you ever put this game in your cabinet, send me a screenshot or video and I will post it here!

[Bug Reports] Contact us at omnitronstudios@gmail.com if you find a bug. Please try to be as detailed as possible and include system specs and your configuration settings

[Gamepad support]

The game doesn't support joysticks by itself, but you can use programs like JoyToKey or Xpadder to map out joystick presses to keyboard keys.

[Current Version: 1.1.1]

[Latest Updates]

-Fixed some of the sounds a bit
-Added an attract screen demo
-Fixed Rendering bug which made the aspect incorrect in full-screen mode when rotated on certain monitors

-Fixed key-mapping issues
-New Render options in the config app for more screen control.
-Fixed Heart bonus item bug. If you were on your last life and you got the heart and died without completing the level, it wouldn't be there in level 1 if you started a new game.
-Added 16-bit support for older video cards
-Added the option in the config tool to manually enter a specific resolution.

[Changes from the original]
-Obviously the levels look different, some completely new, and others have the same level structure with some differences
-New switch, laser, and key system to save Pauline.
-Mario can jump off high platforms and land without killing himself(c'mon, he's mario)
-New heart bonus items are worth 2000 points but are tricky to get.
-No intro scene, I might add one though.
-Barrels rebound off the floor higher than before
-Hitting barrels with the hammer doesn't pause the game during the explosion
-Level 4 is icy, with a shoe item you can get that makes it not slipery
-and some other stuff

[Possible Future Changes]
-More levels. I'm tempted to have 1 long game that doesn't repeat. Instead of repeating every 4 levels, you might have 12 levels with an actual end to the game.
-Bonus level if you collect all the hearts.
-Intro to the game when you push start.
-Cut scenes

Release date Feb 18, 2017
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorOmnitron Studios
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Difficult, donkey-kong, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


DK Advanced.zip 801 kB

Install instructions

Extract the Zip file and run DK.exe. Press Enter to start. Use the Config tool to remap the keys, enable full screen, and other options.

Anti-Virus Warning: Some people have had their anti-virus flag the exe as a virus, myself included, but I can assure you there's no virus. It was compiled using Freebasic and for some strange technical reason, certain anti-virus programs flag programs compiled with this compiler as having a virus, I don't know why. Just add it to your exceptions list.


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it does not work

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Really cool game, would love to see some more levels. Found a glitch where if you get on/off a ladder in a certain way it'll push Jump Man sideways in the climbing animation even though he's not on the ladder any more. Don't remember how to replicate it, was too concerned about getting out of the way of the barrel. Thanks for the hours of entertainment

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Dude,congratulations on the beautifully made remake of this iconic game, I have some suggestions for the next update:
1. When Mario falls into the water, put some water splash effect  
2.Add plus 1 life because the game is hard
3. Make some animation at the end, for example  Mario and the princess leave the final scene in a helicopter (Contra style) and the helicopter driver could be Luigi  :0)

El juego sigue ejecutándose en segundo plano aun cuando lo cierro, por otro lado, en Mario Bros cuando te subes sobre una tubería con una planta piraña, esta no vuelve a salir mientras estás encima, hacer esto o dar más tiempo para poder estar en la plataforma sería genial, tener que saltar a los costados de esta es poco intuitivo.

did you get permission?

aaaah  that one I beat the game when I'm 7 years old and now I am 9 years old

I have a Doxcade 60 in 1 mame table top. It has DK artwork. This would be great to have on it. However, I know nothing about how to get this uploaded to unit. Any help from anyone would be great. In the meantime I am playing on my PC. Thanks for this.



Before watching the video of this game on Youtube, I notice that there are 2,202,659 views. Wow!!!! Well done!!!! After watching the video, I think that the game is high-quality and very interesting! Sure! I see the potential of FreeBASIC as well. Good!

By the way, there is a jam for BASIC. Perhaps you will be interested in it:

Did you create the engine or are you using an existing engine?


I created the engine.

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So awesome! Mad respect 🙂

Hey any idea how I can get this to play in a arcade Cab? ro Put it to a SD card or a Thumb drive? Thanks much LOVE the game 

Awesome work

This is so cool. please consider porting this over as a mame rom. This would be great on my Fire Stick for the TV.


Any plans for scanlines?


Oh man, this game does not only bring back memories, it creates new ones too! A group of small youtubers has been challenging eachother to see how far they could get, this is my playthrough